These Fabric Manufacturers Are Saving the World

From upholstery to outdoor textiles, these companies are reducing their carbon footprint one stitch at a time.

Sustainable Fabrics - Elle Decor

预期 by consumers. We’ve seen the fashion industry take several strides toward reducing its carbon footprint over the last few seasons, but what do some of these sustainability efforts look like within the interior design industry?

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1 再由羊毛Kvadrat的
Kvadrat Sustainable Fabrics - Elle Decor
2 微由小丘
Knoll Sustainable Fabrics - Elle Decor
3 通过MAHARAM开的带
Maharam Sustainable Fabrics - Elle Decor

这个 生物基纺织, only one of the eco-conscious offerings from Maharam, refutes the concept that 可持续发展 等于 中性。



4 xorel万花筒卡内基
Carnegie Sustainable Fabrics - Elle Decor

Suited for a number of uses across interiors, including headboards, lighting, and upholstery, xorel

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5 天井的Kvadrat的
Kvadrat 庭院 Sustainable Fabrics - Elle Decor

Because they’re typically treated with chemical finishes, 可持续发展 outdoor fabrics can be hard to come by. However, 庭院


6 耍蛇人的波拉克
Pollack Sustainable Fabrics - Elle Decor

这个 100 percent recycled fabric features a jacquard pattern that gives it a snakeskin-like motif; the manufacturing process uses four varying weights of polyester yarn to give it its textured surface and ribs.


7 制作的云由HBF纺织品
HBF Sustainable Fabrics - Elle Decor

Choosing 可持续发展 materials doesn’t have to involve a special certification or a confusing acronym. Sometimes it’s as simple as working with natural materials versus chemically produced ones. 制作的云 is made from 70 percent rapidly renewable resources, primarily wool, which eases the environmental strain in the production process.


8 复兴由的Sunbrella
Sunbrella Sustainable Fabrics - Elle Decor

When fabrics are manufactured, the finishing process leaves leftover fiber and yarn cutoffs. 复兴由的Sunbrella gives these cutoffs new life by creating a fiber composed of at least 50 perecent of the leftover material, which is then melded with new materials to ensure that the final product meets the 预期 performance standards.


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